Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring growth and tomato transplanting!

Today my tomatoes needed to be put in bigger pots! It was over due and the plants were starting to look a little sad, but I had to wait until the weather was nice enough outside for me to work out there. Here are my sad overgrown tomatoes!
Much Happier Tomatoes all potted and ready for the next 3 weeks of life on the move!  Outside in the day and inside at night until they are ready to stay out a few days day and night, then transplanting time!

Honeyberries are in full bloom and the bees are a buzzing on the back yard!
 My herb garden is all cleaned up!  I do a mix of annuals and perennials.  However my perennials seem to have not fared to well this past winter.  My beautiful Lemon Balm plant and my Chocolate Mint seemed to have been victims of the winter, but today I did see some very small signs of life in my plants!!  My three sage plants do not seem to have made it though.

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