Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to my gardnening journal...

I started this blog as a journal to document my progress with my garden from year to year. It is mostly a way for me to remember varieties planted, methods used, success rate and other things that I forget by the time I plant the next year! Well, apparently I was so busy gardening this past year I only had time to create a blog and name it, but not enter any posts!

This year I tried a new gardening technique called Straw bale Gardening! I will write a bit about it over the winter as it was a great success that I can't wait to try more of next year!

So through out the winter I will try to dig up pictures of my garden and yard from its bare bones stage seven years ago and document the progress to where it is today. Then I will be all ready to start my Gardening Journal in the spring!

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