Saturday, March 3, 2012

A photo glimpse at 2011

Spring bulbs poking through my tree bed in May.
 A view of the planted garden in early June with out watermelon growing house!
Some very early cucumbers!  These were started in the house and then planted in the straw bales.  This is mid June!
My newest planter box which houses our corn.
Cherries in July!
mmmmm.... these made some delicious jelly!!  First time there is enough to pick!  Too many berries in my backyard now for the birds to get them all!
My little girl checking out some squash on our Square bales!

 Making some rain on a HOT September day!  But a nice view of the growth in the back of the yard.
 Our first watermelon!!!! OK, it is small but it was delicious!
Canning time!  Putting up some tomatoes with my trusty side kicks. :)

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