Monday, March 12, 2012

Starting out 2012!

This year I am going to try to blog my gardening year as it happens ... rather than posting a year at a glimpse in photos, once it is all over!

Today was the start... the kids and I started our seeds today.  I have a few more to do yet tomorrow, but today we got in our tomatoes started. (minus the yellow pears.  We love our yellow pears and I thought I has seeds left, but alas, I was out and didn't order any.  I hope I can get some this weekend at Seed Saturday!) Also peppers, summer savory, thai and sweet basil, Em planted some Asters and Zinnias, and Luke planted a watermelon. Tomorrow I have to start my broccoli, celery, and a couple other things I can't remember right now.

Two very eager seed starting helpers!
The newly planted seeds chilling in their little green house.  It is filling with humidity, so hopefully these little guys pop up soon!!

Oh, also, I went and checked out the yard for the first time... I cannot believe it, but I have green oregano out there! I am sooo excited. And some unknown spring bulbs popping up. ;)

Oregano in March!!! And there is enough to actually use a little. Love!
Unknown bulbs popping through.  I have a lot of bulbs planted, so I don't know yet what these are.  Oh! And do you see the little lady bug checking things out!  I think it is still a bit cold for him though.  Maybe the bulbs pushed him out of his slumber spot.

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